NASA evaluated the risk of the ammonia leak on the ISS

NASA has estimated the leakage of ammonia, was first recorded a few years ago on the outside of the American segment of the International space station. The immediate intervention issue does not require and is not currently threatening the safety of the crew of the ISS, reported RIA Novosti with reference to the representative office. There’s a leak called insignificant.


On Friday, February 24, about the leak of ammonia reported by the media with reference to anonymous source in the Russian rocket and space industry. NASA explained that the situation is under control.


“Over the past several years, engineers have been monitoring the leak, which is slightly higher than the expected figures. In the past six months (observed) trend to a small increase (level, leakage). In such circumstances, the system may operate normally for several years without (having to take) any actions,” – said the representative office.


NASA explained that the “lost” ammonia is used to remove heat from the station through the generators. In Houston expect that over time, the leakage of ammonia will be reduced.