Documentary about Hillary Clinton received a “Razzie”

Documentary about Hillary Clinton received a “Razzie”

Moscow. 25 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — Documentary film “America Hillary: the secret history of the Democratic party” won “Golden raspberry” as worst film of 2016 and has received the main award for doubtful achievements in the field of cinema.

Also winning in the category “Worst picture of the year” claimed the film “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”, “the Grandfather of easy virtue”, “Gods of Egypt”, “independence Day: the Revival” and “Zoolander No. 2”.

Director Dinesh D’souza, who took a picture of the candidate in US presidents from Democrats, also noted as the worst Director of the year.

In addition, he got a “Golden raspberry” as worst actor, he played himself. And Rebecca Turner, who played Clinton, received the dubious award for the main female role in the film “America Hillary”.

Worst actor of the second plan acknowledged Jesse Eisenberg for the film “Batman vs. Superman”, worst supporting actress was Kristen Wiig (“Zoolander No. 2”).

The number of “Golden Malin” the leaders were a documentary about Hillary Clinton and the superhero narrative “Batman vs. Superman” — he also got prizes for the worst screenplay, worst prequel, sequel or remake, and for worst on-screen Duo (scored Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill).

In the only positive category for the restoration of power — was noted actor and Director Mel Gibson, who filmed “For reasons of conscience.”