Deputies of the state Duma has set a limit of costs of transport in regions


The Committee on rules and organization of work of the state Duma proposed to allocate about 300 thousand rubles a year for the transport service of deputies during the regional weeks and vacations on the territory of Russia. It is reported Agency city news “Moscow” on Wednesday, February 22.

“We have approved the limit on one member, based on the estimates, in my opinion, 296 (thousand rubles — approx. “Of the”) for the year”, — said the Chairman of the Committee Olga Savastyanova.

According to her, the approval of that amount going to the Council of the state Duma. When this issue will be discussed at the meeting, is still unknown.

If a limit is approved, the total cost of the transport service representatives in the regions will be about 133 million.

On 26 January it was reported that the Council will get to work in 2017, more than 10 billion rubles from the Federal budget. It was noted that for the operation 449 parliamentarians and their assistants are expected to allocate 4 billion 846 million rubles.

In November last year it became known that deputies of the state Duma will again be able to use halls of official delegations at the expense of the budget in the Duma regional weeks. The deputies were forbidden to pay them for the expense of the budget in 2014, restrictions relating to regional trips.