The media learned about the conditions under which the Pentagon will discuss with Russia the security of flights over Syria

The US military want the negotiations to ensure safety in the Syrian sky were involved senior military officials. And, as on the part of both Russia and the US. This writes the Washington Post , citing a statement by air force commander in the Central command of the U.S. armed forces Jeffrey Harrigan.


According to him, the U.S. position is that there should be another layer of dialogue. This circumstance will allow to debate on a higher level. “We have to work at that level,” – said in an interview in Baghdad. Lieutenant General is sure that the participation of American and Russian generals to discuss the situation it would be extremely useful.


Now, he said, U.S. planes “has turn” the appearance of the Russian fighters. This, in particular, was during the strikes near Palmyra. For coordination, emphasized Harridine, sometimes took “too much time” because the military could not attract his command.


Representative of CENTCOM, Colonel John Thomas, in turn, said that the Pentagon would like to raise the channel of communication with Russia on new technological level, because in this situation it resembles a normal telephone line.


According to Brigadier General of the air force Charles Corcoran, now a US aircraft escort fighter 5th generation F-22, they are equipped with radar, allowing advance notice of Russian aircraft, which helps to avoid accidents.