“The epidemic of Russophobia” in the U.S. may lead to irreparable consequences – the media

The efforts of the American establishment and media, which aimed at binding the hands of Trump in order to prevent him fulfill a campaign promise to normalize relations with Russia, could lead to a second cold war. This opinion columnist in the magazine American Conservative.


As the author of the material, Donald trump became President precisely because he managed before the other to understand which way the world is changing and how people are tired of confrontation. In his pre-election promises often heard motives for establishing relations with Russia, and American citizens voted for this agenda.


However, the American media and “anti-Putin paranoia” in the circles with the power of the people from Donald Trump to fulfill his plan and to look for compromises in relations with Russia. The new President has faced resistance from not only the defeated Democrat party, but with the Republican party, whose representative he is.


According to the author of the material, this resistance, together with the deliberate destruction trump the forces of media, permanent kamlanie it as a “Russian agent”, compels the President to announce tougher rhetoric towards the Russian Federation.


In conclusion, the author of the column expressed the hope that trump and his staff understand that “Russophobic wave” must be resisted, otherwise the “second cold war might end much worse than the first”.

Photo: Olivier Douliery / CNP AdMedia / Globallookpress