In Australia saved the child bitten by the most poisonous spider in the world

In Australia saved the child bitten by the most poisonous spider in the world

10-year-old Australian boy has survived after he was bitten by the most poisonous spider in the world.

To save the child, doctors gave him 12 injections of the antidote. Presumably this was the biggest dose of antidote that has ever been used to rescue patients in Australia.

Matthew Mitchell was bitten in the finger deadly poisonous Sydney funnel web, when the child was helping his father to restore order in the barn.

After a bite Matthew began to convulse, his mouth started foaming.

“The spider clung with all his paws in my finger, and I couldn’t have him [the spider] to tear [the finger]” — said Matthew Mitchell of the Australian newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

The boy’s parents pulled the child’s finger shirt, to limit the spread of the poison with the blood.

As writes the edition, the dose of antidote, which entered the boy three times higher than the maximum dose, introduced to other patients, whose treatment also was successful and they were saved.

Spider Walewska Matthew, caught and put to the Australian reptile Park, where it will be removed all the poison.

Voronkovich for poisonous spiders in Australia are February and March during the period of reproduction, and at this time males of this species are particularly aggressive.

It is believed that a Sydney funnel web the most dangerous in the world. In Australia, there have been 13 deaths from the bites of these spiders.

The antidote to their poison was created in 1980, so from the moment of death was no more.

Sydney Voroncova spider lives in the forests on the territory of Queensland.