The U.S. military figured out how to “speed up” campaign against ISIS

U.S. commanders in the middle East has developed a plan for “acceleration campaign” against the terrorist group banned in Russia and many other countries of the “Islamic state”. This was at the briefing via video link from Baghdad, said the representative of the headquarters of the coalition led by the USA, which leads the fight against ISIL John Dorrian, RIA Novosti reported.


According to him, from day to day should be decided, and which will be announced in Washington.


Dorrian explained that the necessary initiatives are directed through the chain of command from CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel defense Minister James Mattis. The latter shall submit proposals to the President of the United States Donald Trump.


Earlier, Donald trump has instructed the US military until the end of February to prepare and submit a new plan to combat ISIS.


Since 2014, America and its allies are waging a campaign against terrorists in Iraq and Syria, limited, by and large, only by air strikes.

Photo: The U.S. Army / flickr