The Prosecutor asked to cancel a sentence of a convicted repost Chudnovets

The Prosecutor asked to cancel a sentence of a convicted repost Chudnovets

MOSCOW, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti. Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Leonid Korzhinek has asked the Supreme court to overturn the sentence of Eugenia Chudnovets, convicted of distributing child pornography for the repost in the social network, reported on the website of the Prosecutor General’s office on Wednesday.

“The Deputy Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Leonid Korzhinek has made to the Supreme court cassation representation on the verdict in the criminal case concerning the inhabitant of the Kurgan region Eugenia Chudnovets previously convicted of a repost of videos with pornographic content. In the presentation raised the question about cancellation of a sentence and terminate criminal proceedings for lack of corpus delicti”, — stated in the message.

Eugene Chudnovets, who worked as a teacher in a kindergarten of Ekaterinburg, was sentenced to six months imprisonment on charges of distribution of child pornography. According to local publications, she did repost in the social network of the video, which depicted a Nude boy in the bathroom of the children’s camp. In the video it was clear that the child was subjected to abuse by the counselors. To draw public attention to this case, Chudnovets did repost this entry.

The Prosecutor demanded five years imprisonment, but the court appointed Chudnovets six months. The case received wide publicity. After the verdict the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has instructed the Central office of the Department to verify the objectivity of the investigation.

In December 2016 the Kurgan regional court reduced the sentence Chudnovets — six months in prison and five months.