The dog of the President of Finland became the star of social networks

The dog of the President of Finland became the star of social networks

MOSCOW, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti. Users of social networks are actively discussing Lenno — 5-year-old Boston Terrier, in the arms of which the public often appears the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö. The growing popularity of the dog drew attention to Mashable.

In Finland, the dog began to gain popularity back in late December, when it reported Yle, and outside of this country to Lenno drew attention now.

“I’m sorry, but did you know about Lenny, dog Finnish President?” — wrote on Twitter journalist Kelly Will.

excuse me but are you aware of Lennu, the Finnish President’s dog

— Kelly Weill (@KELLYWEILL) 22 Feb 2017

“I saw that tweet and since then can’t stop looking at pictures of dog Sauli Niinistö,” writes Helena mine.

ever since seeing that tweet earlier I can’t stop looking at pictures of Sauli Niinistö”s dog ffs

— minna helena (@minna_helena) 22 Feb 2017

“Okay, Finland, you have my attention,” writes JuriaTRM.

“The world — a fire in a dumpster, but at least we have Lenno, dog Finnish President,” said brianna Bisson.

Many do not hesitate to create memes and photoshopped pics with Terrier — for example, replace it with the head Niinistö.

@anttirita Hmmm… #Lennu

— Julkkiskokki (@anttirita) 16 December 2016

“How I look when I try to smile to a stranger.”

what i look like when i try to smile at strangers… #lennu

— j. carlisle larsen (@jcarlislelarsen) 22 Feb 2017

“The Finnish President himself seems very cool — he survived the deadly tsunami in Thailand in 2004. But such a “toothy charisma” as Lenny, it does not. Sorry, Sauli!” — sums up the journalist for Mashable.