Russia called the Savior of Europe from new migrants

Conflict between refugees and police in a camp for migrants in Greece

Thanks to the cease-fire in Syria, which was achieved with the direct participation of Russia, millions of Syrians have hope for a return home. On Thursday, February 23, said Russia’s permanent representative to the UN office at Geneva Alexei Borodavkin, reports RIA Novosti.

“From new waves of migration to Europe for the umpteenth time saves Russia”, — he said.

The Borodavkin also recalled the support that Moscow provides Arab Republic. “From Russia in large volumes supplied humanitarian and military assistance… But when it comes to the reconstruction of Syria, it must be discussed now, it would require huge funds,” he said.

At the same time, the EU could greatly assist in rebuilding the infrastructure of Syria, said Borodavkin, commenting on the publication of the Financial Times.

Earlier, the Financial Times, citing various diplomats announced Moscow’s willingness to push the EU for financial participation in the reconstruction of Syria. The question will be proposed for discussion at the talks in Geneva that started on 23 February, said the newspaper.

In early January, The Daily Mail, citing sources in the security services of Italy reported on the infiltration from Syria to Kosovo as refugees of hundreds of militants of the banned terrorist group “Islamic state”. According to the newspaper, the militants dressed in civilian clothes and try to get lost among the thousands of refugees.

In those days in Germany on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack were detained Syrian migrant.

The opposition of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and rebels seeking his overthrow, has been running since 2011. The conflict escalated into full-scale civil war, which in Europe has directed a lot of refugees. In 2015, just arrived in Germany, more than 1.1 million migrants from the countries of North Africa and the Middle East.

At the end of December 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced reaching agreements about the ceasefire in Syria.