Nuclear sword: how the Russian rocket can “break” ABOUT US

Today the main striking force of any army in the world relies on the capacity of the rocket, which is equipped with nuclear weapons. The notorious arms race, which was conducted by and large between the US and the USSR came to some sort of balance of power when any of the warring parties could not be guaranteed to claim the absolute superiority in the event of armed conflict.


This was the so-called nuclear deterrent, supported by a Treaty limiting strategic weapons (start-1 and start-2) and guaranteed non-use of force can lead to a global cataclysm of nuclear war.


“The world is on the brink of nuclear cataclysm will never be sustainable if a significant strengthening of the capacity of one of the parties – the Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies (cast) Ruslan Pukhov. After 1991, this fine line has shifted to the US, which his superiority over the new education – Russia – could carry out due to liquidation of nuclear potential of the opposing side. And in the middle of 90-ies of the Americans, figuratively speaking, could bend the fingers and to carry out any expansionary policy in any part of the world.



The West they played up and obsequiously sanctioned as “policy carriers” and the invasion in advance is presented as an “aggressor” countries in the Middle East, the Balkans, North Africa. Behind US always hung a “nuclear sword”, which seemed to sheath the weapon of deterrence, and uncovered could strike with terrible force in any rebellious state. And even if theoretically such a scenario could be realized at any time. In the sight of a “nuclear retaliation” in the Pentagon means Iraq and Iran, and North Korea, and China, and, oddly enough, Russia, which is involved in aiding terrorism suspect can only schizophrenic disorders.


Imagine Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, and Saratov, Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Chita, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok, many other large Russian cities and economic centers have been marked on the maps NATO generals the bold cross as the object of the initial destruction. While retaliation or to prevent such a massive attack no one expected. This confidence was based primarily on the obsolete Russian nuclear weapons, which even in the Disney cartoons were shown some rusty missiles on the snowy expanses of Siberia.



And secondly, the effectiveness of missile defense systems, which are like cobwebs entangled, any attempt effective Russian retaliation. All! Residents of Florida, Texas, Washington and new York can increase belly calories of a big Mac and a Burger and watch a game on TV stock indicative “flogging” of American nuclear missiles. Ha-ha-ha – nuclear fungus over Moscow, it’s funny. But these illusions are implanted into the brains of unsuspecting stock markers, Housewives and cowboys, all of a sudden was a complete myth!


Americans suddenly learned that appetite can greatly damage Russian missiles that are able to break their notorious security, as Tuzik warmer, and just wiped off the face of the earth not only farm, but also all the major industrial centers from the Eastern to the Western coasts and along Alaska, and South of the border down to Mexico. And this is not simple propaganda boom, and not the threat of condemnation. Today Russia has such weapons in the field of Intercontinental ballistic missiles, which put a complete zero on the security system of the United States.



And there is no need to nourish foolish, peculiar inhabitants of the United States of illusions about impunity, used to think that the ocean can avoid all the world’s problems. Even the current missiles, which reports the senators were quick to scrap it, can very effectively reach any target in the United States. Not to mention the newest systems of the Russian strategic missile forces, which will stitch as pain, any current and even prospective American missile defense. In General, enjoy your meal, watch the sky”.


Scare frightening – it is not serious. America has long suspected that one hundred percent probability of retaliation from the Russian side in case of any aggression. And if not every American, then certainly the Pentagon aware of the capabilities of Russian missile R-36M2 “Governor” (according to Western classification – “Satan”). But about a new heavy Intercontinental ballistic missile RS-28 “Sarmat”, whose performance characteristics are classified, but even, according to expert estimates, terrified, in the United States prefer to remain silent. So how to explain chewing French fries, the Yankees, what with the sky on his head flying a hundred warheads, which can neither track, nor even to destroy?



And when Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russian missiles can overcome any, both current and prospective, ABOUT the American system, he’s never boasted and did not dissemble. It was just about “Sarmat”, which is able to cover a distance of 17 thousand kilometers in any direction, including via the South pole, and to convey to the target of at least 15 multiple warheads, each of which is equipped with a system of individual guidance.


And it will not be falling from the stratosphere “blank” and flying at hypersonic speed (above Mach 17), changing the trajectory on course and altitude, independent “smart” missile that can intercept any missile defense systems. If necessary, combat the charge of “Sarmat” will have nuclear toppings and can destroy strategic enemy targets kinetic warhead, comparable in power with nuclear, but without the effect of nuclear contamination.



The effectiveness of the new Russian missile “Sarmat” and its independent warheads “the Star” vividly explained the principle of targeting one of the employees of the nuclear center in Sarov. “Imagine in the sky new year’s fireworks, where on earth are showered hundreds of fading lights, somersaulting in flight – compared specialist. They are all the same, but ten, say, of them carry a charge. The probability of hitting the desired target is less than 5% even when the highest degree of resistance. The result is the achievement of the goal of over 90%. And unlike the Christmas lights in a “star” that cannot be stopped, will power of about 300 kilotons”.


Rocket “Sarmat” is still shrouded in a dense curtain of secrecy. It is not even known at what stage of testing it is. It is theoretically possible to assume that it has partially entered service with the strategic missile forces and is on duty. But even in that secret form, the missile is already able to say their “Fe” American ABOUT and pronounce on the flight mode: “What did you expect?”.


Author: Viktor Sokirko

Photo: Russian Defense Ministry