In the United States to repeal the law Obama on the toilets for transgender people in schools

In the United States to repeal the law Obama on the toilets for transgender people in schools

WASHINGTON, 23 Feb — RIA Novosti. The administration of U.S. President Donald trump reversed the order of his predecessor, Barack Obama for public schools of toilets for transgender persons, the statements of the press service of the Ministry of justice.

Earlier, the Obama administration issued a Directive for public schools, according to which educational institutions must allow students transgender to choose the bathrooms and locker rooms according to how they define their sexual identity.

“The Ministry of justice and the Ministry of education has cancelled a guide for educational institutions, released in 2015-2016… for object access based on gender identity, not biological sex,” — said in the message.

“The Ministry of justice is obliged to enforce the law. Previous documents did not provide sufficient legal analysis and does not explain how this interpretation is consistent with the language of the law,” — said in a statement, U.S. attorney General Jeff and Roman sessions, quoted the Ministry of justice.

Eleven States: Texas, Alabama, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Arizona, Maine, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, Georgia, West Virginia, has accused the Obama administration in an attempt to turn schools and workspaces in the “laboratory for mass social experiment”

The lawsuit was filed in the court of the American city of Wichita falls, Texas.

The order was issued amid a scandal about the law in North Carolina that requires people to use public restrooms only in accordance with their sex at birth. This act raised concerns about discrimination of people whose gender identity does not match biological sex.

The U.S. justice Department demanded that the state abolish the law, referring to the fundamental act of 1964 civil rights act. The state in turn filed a lawsuit demanding to recognize the requirement of the Ministry as illegal. Now the opposing parties will meet in court during two trials.