In Nigeria kidnapped two German scientists

In Nigeria kidnapped two German scientists

MOSCOW, 22 Feb — RIA Novosti. Nigerian police on Wednesday said that unidentified armed men kidnapped the archaeologist from Germany, and his colleagues in Kaduna state in the North of the country, reports Xinhua news Agency referring to the representative of the state police.

“Yes, I confirm the kidnapping of a German archeologist and his colleagues. Squad to combat kidnapping, along with residents of the village and the special forces directed by the decision of the chief inspector of police Ibrahim Idris, in the southern part of Kaduna state and working to rescue the kidnapped”, — said the representative of the state police Aliyu Usman.

A team of scientists from Frankfurt University and worked in Nigeria in collaboration with the National Commission for museums and monuments on the study of the remains of the civilization of the NOC. Unknown stole the head of the expedition and his colleague, while two women also participated in the study, the attackers did not touch. About the demands of the kidnappers are not reported.