Fought in Syria, the sailors complained to Putin on NATO ships

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu and President Vladimir Putin

Sailors at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin announced that eight NATO ships were near the Russian naval contingent operating off the coast of Syria. On Thursday, February 23, reports “Interfax”.

“With us, solved the problem of NATO ships. Constantly on the move from the Mediterranean sea in a designated area and back next to us was about eight NATO ships. And their action was far from being of a friendly character,” said the servicemen of the Northern fleet.

Putin in turn said that Russian Navy was sent to the coast of Syria on his initiative. “You coped brilliantly with the tasks,” — said the head of state.

He also said that the experience acquired by sailors during the execution of this military operation, will be carefully studied and used in the future.

On the Day of defender of the Fatherland Supreme commander met with officers of the Northern fleet who distinguished themselves while performing tasks off the coast of Syria in the Mediterranean sea.

Earlier in February, the ship aircraft carrier group, which were the heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” and the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, arrived back in Severomorsk.

Cruise ships in the Mediterranean sea began in October 2016. In November defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported that “Admiral Kuznetsov” for the first time in the history of the Navy participated in combat operations, its aircraft were involved in operations against the terrorists in Syria.