Angelina Jolie introduces the son of his homeland

Angelina Jolie introduces the son of his homeland

Angelina Jolie treated their children fried spiders: actress introduces the family to the culinary traditions of the homeland of his eldest son Maddox.

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Eating spiders was, of course, only part of the visit to Cambodia for Angelina Jolie and her children. In the country she came to present his film “First they killed my father: a daughter’s Memories of Cambodia”. On a trip she took all of his children, who attended an audience with king Norodom Sihamoni and directly on the premiere show of the film. Lunch, the main delicacy which is fried tarantulas and Scorpions were part of acquaintance of children of the family Jolie-pitt. This exotic dish, as explained by the Director, it was one of the main ways to survive in the hungry period of the Civil war 70 years. The film is based on the eponymous book by the writer of the LUN-UN, which saw the genocide of the Khmer Rouge at the age of five years.

Angelina Jolie first visited Cambodia in 2001 for the filming of the first part of the Saga “Lara Croft: tomb raider”. As stated the actress in an interview with the BBC, she fell in love with this country and its people then.

As the Director of the film, Jolie wanted to show the truth about the genocide that happened 40 years ago, by the Cambodians.

The victims of decades of Civil war in the 70’s was about two million people, but the assurances of Angelina in the movie called “First they killed my father” focuses on the love and support.

What Cambodia has radically influenced the Outlook of Jolie in 2001 she became a goodwill Ambassador for the UN. In 2002, during his third visit Angelina adopted Maddox and bought a house in the Western part of the country, to keep the boy away from the culture of his people.

Maddox Shiwan — eldest adopted son of Angelina Jolie. The actress has adopted two boys before she married Brad pitt.

It was reported that a mother had sold her son to the facilitator (person who facilitates communication biological and adoptive parents) for 100 American dollars: illegal adoption is a big problem for the country.

After thirteen years teen Shiwan Maddox Jolie-pitt has expressed a desire to return to their homeland and find their biological parents.

On the set of his painting about the tragedy in Cambodia, Angelina tried to interest the Maddox history of his country when the movie was getting ready to produce, her plans included a visit to the eldest son set almost daily.

Fried tarantulas — this is, of course, also part of the culture of the country, in this case gastronomy.

“You want to share a spider?” – Angelina Jolie cooks bugs in Cambodia ?

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However, this is not the only gastronomic specialties of Cambodia, a culinary tradition which was in the mid 70’s was eliminated (as well as education, medicine, industry, culture, religion). In the terrible period of the genocide of the Khmer Rouge destroyed the cookbook — they were considered bourgeois. Since the beginning of the 80s destroyed the country in an attempt to recover, has absorbed the culinary traditions of neighboring countries — Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and so now it serves curries like in Thailand, noodle soups, as in Vietnam, fried pieces of marinated beef, as in Laos.

However, in the last fifteen years Khmer cookery shows signs of recovery along with the entire economy, and tourists find that the cuisine of Cambodia is not as acute as neighbors, local amok fish in coconut milk — not like Thai curry, sweet and sour soup has little in common with Vietnamese Pho, and grilled crabs or chicken with a simple sauce of lime juice and lots of black pepper is simply delicious. Especially if they are not in the restaurant and to purchase the facility for local residents, traders, which put the dish on skewers in the cardboard plate will be given a bowl with a sauce of lime juice and ground black pepper and send all the low plastic table.

However, such foods do not have enough exotics. In Cambodia eat and more trivial things than crabs with pepper.

In addition to fried tarantulas (they say that they have crisp skin and tender flesh), the Khmer Rouge also, deep-fried, prepare the larvae of caterpillars of moths and locusts.

Delicious here find frogs and snakes (they can be cooked in a wok with soy sauce and spices, for example), Lotus seeds and small river shells, that bite, as the seeds, but the delicacy is still not reptiles and insects. Here, in order to try balut — duck egg with the embryo inside, which is seasoned with lime juice — you need a really strong nerves.