USA partially simplified the expulsion of illegal immigrants

USA partially simplified the expulsion of illegal immigrants

WASHINGTON, 21 Feb — RIA Novosti, Alexei Bogdanovsky. The Ministry of internal security of the USA published on Tuesday on its website two of the Memorandum, which explains the current policy to combat illegal immigration — in particular, the Ministry plans to implement a number of measures, which in some cases will simplify the expulsion of migrants.

Memoranda expand the number of aliens who may be subject to the simplified procedure of deportation. This procedure was applied to individuals detained less than 100 miles from the border and in the United States less than two weeks.

Now we are talking about all the foreigners who illegally arrived in the United States and cannot prove that he lived in the country for at least two years

In addition, the planned policy tightening, known under the informal name of “grab and release”, when illegal immigrants were released in the case of detention, if they appointed the proceedings before the immigration court.

In the memoranda does not mention any policy tightening in the hundreds of thousands of young people illegally brought into the country by the parents. Many of this generation grew up in the U.S., and received in this country education and consider themselves Americans, but de jure illegal migrants, which is theoretically possible at any moment to be deported from the country.

The President of the United States Donald trump had earlier signed a decree “on the protection of the United States from terrorism”, which suspends the reception of refugees from Syria for an indefinite period of 120 days, tightens some of the rules of entry, or 90 days suspends entry into the United States individuals from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.

The decree provoked a mixed reaction both in the US and in the world community. In the end, he was challenged, and the court blocked it. The first appeal did not result. Last week, the administration trump refused to continue the proceedings and made it clear that instead of protecting the former decree, the President will prepare a new document which will take into account the objections of the court.