Ukraine has offered to rent out the moon



Deputy Prime Minister of Crimea, Georgy Muradov, said that the idea for the transfer of the Crimea is leased by Russia as untenable as trying to pass the moon in rent. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

So Muradov commented on the plan of Ukrainian Deputy Andriy Artemenko for the lifting of sanctions against Russia. The MP was prepared for the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump’s document involving Ukrainian referendum on the transfer of Crimea is leased by Russia for 30-50 years. On the idea of the MP, when the time limit expires, will be another vote which will forever decide the fate of the Peninsula.

“There were many in the history of the various kinds of funny suggestions, including those described in the literature and noted as a historical fact. Some trying to rent or sell the property of his neighbor, others collected money to repair the failure. You might as well offer to rent out the moon to someone”, – said Muradov. Plan Artemenko he described as “useless and incompetent”.

Vice Prime Minister reminded that the accession of Crimea to Russia – legally justified and does not contradict international norms. According to Muradova, deciding to be a part of the Russian Federation, “Crimean people have defended themselves from destruction.”

Crimea became part of Russia following a referendum held in 2014 after the change of power in Ukraine. For joining Russia voted more than 95 percent of the residents.