Spanish police fired at the truck with gas cylinders

Police in Barcelona used the weapon to stop moving at high speed, a truck with gas cylinders. Reported by ABC.

The car was driving along one of the streets towards the city centre in the opposite lane. While moving the truck rammed several cars.

On the demands of the police to stop the driver does not react, and the guards used their weapons. They managed to arrest sitting behind the wheel of a man who was a citizen of Sweden. Shortly before his arrest, he stole a truck, using the fact that the owner was unloading the containers with gas.

According to the publication, the detainee, the Swede is suffering from a mental disorder.

On 22 August last year suffering from mental disorder, a woman was attacked with a knife on bus passengers in Brussels. Wounds were received by three persons. Arrived at the scene, police opened fire on the attackers and neutralized it.