Sobyanin will head the staff for the demolition of the Moscow Khrushchev

Sergei Sobyanin

Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin will head the staff for the implementation of the renovation program of the old five-story building that will be created in the capital. About it reported to “” in a press-service of the mayoralty of Moscow.

“We have already demolished about 1.7 thousand houses, and have to the program to include about 8 thousand, more than four times large than the previous one. Its implementation will require the concentration of huge financial and material resources”, — said the mayor.

Also Sobyanin instructed the Moscow Committee to prepare proposals for architectural, urban and planning decisions for future new neighborhoods and the urban center — to amend the programme of capital repairs, taking into account the program of renovation of five-story building. He also instructed to prepare amendments to the Federal law on the demolition program.

On 21 February President of Russia Vladimir Putin gave the order to demolish everything Sobyanin in Moscow Khrushchev and build in their place a new home.

The mayor stated that the demolition of five-story building will be completed in 2017-2018. According to him, Khrushchev is in poor condition — balconies “SAG”, the seams on the facades dispersed, and repair of Central heating pipes and Sewerage systems it is necessary to break down the walls and partitions between apartments.

According to him, during the program of renovation of the housing Fund has already relocated 160 thousand Moscow families.

However, according to Sobyanin, Moscow is a lot of outdated five-story building — about 25 million square meters. They are inhabited by 1.6 million people.