Slippery bottle will solve the problem of ketchup

Slippery bottle will solve the problem of ketchup

Researchers from the Massachusetts technological University have learned how to extract ketchup from the bottle to the last drop.

American scientists have found a way to use ketchup from the bottle all to the last drop. They have developed a coating that makes the inner surface of the bottle supercolossal.

This coating can also be used to facilitate the extrusion of the contents of other containers, e.g. toothpaste, cosmetics and even glue from the tubes.

Researchers from mit believe that their invention could greatly reduce the amount of waste.

Pour the ketchup out of the bottle until the last drop is always a difficult task.

Each person has their own techniques. Some cut the neck of the bottle, the other violently shaking her, or just pounding.

But a team of scientists has developed a system which eliminates all these difficulties.

The new coating allows the ketchup or any other liquid just pour out without a trace.

In the production process, a special coating is applied on the inner uneven portion of the surface.

Another very thin layer is fixed to it already. And the last step filled with fluid that forms the slippery surface as svezhenanesenny floor. Ketchup from a bottle just slips out, because it does not stick to the inner walls of the bottle.

According to Professor Kripa Varanasi who developed this slippery surface, the technology is absolutely safe.

The great thing about it due to the fact that the coating itself combines solid and liquid, it can be adapted to different substances. For food we are doing coating of the materials on food-based and they themselves are edible kripa Varanasi, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of technology