Putin invited 40 of the Russians in the new composition of the Public chamber

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has selected 40 candidates for the new composition of the Public chamber of Russia, reported on the Kremlin website.

It is noted that these citizens have special merits before the state and society. At least half of the candidates — the leaders of the professional and creative unions, associations and employers ‘ associations, and other NGOs representing and defending the interests of workers of different areas and social groups.

The Kremlin noted that the regional public chamber shall elect one representative to the Federal no later than 30 days from the date of start formation of new structure, that makes 80 people. Another 40 members of the house, were approved in decree of the head of state, and another 40 people representing various community organizations.

According to the Constitution of Russia, the Public chamber should control the authorities of different levels to protect the rights of Russians and non-profit organizations.