Programmer Perm terminator printed on a 3D printer

Programmer Perm terminator printed on a 3D printer

Perm programmer Alexander recreated the model of the terminator T-800 on a 3D printer. On Tuesday, February 21, reports “Properly”.

The robot is able to move his head, speak, answer questions. The necessary information terminator finds on the Internet, it can also expand their knowledge base in the dialogue process. Thanks to integrated in the housing of the gyroscope, the T-800 is able to determine its position in space.

In an interview for the portal “Properly” the engineer told me that over the “brain” of the terminator, he began working in 2009 while studying at the University. According to him, was written a few versions of the program in Visual Basic. In 2013 he began to print the robot on a 3D printer the drawing that Google sent him, in the framework of support for novice programmers. The work was completed a week ago.

In the future the inventor expects to expand the knowledge base of the terminator and to equip its limbs.