Peskov: Putin has not yet made any statements about participation in the presidential elections in 2018


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made no statements concerning his participation in presidential elections in 2018. This drew the attention of his press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on possible options for future elections.

“President Putin himself has repeatedly said that it was premature to make any electoral petition, he no announcement has been done so far”, – said Peskov. He added that before the start of the electoral campaign still enough time, so “while the agenda is different.”

As previously said a source in the Kremlin administration, the Federal center is put before the heads of subjects of the Russian Federation the task to hold the Russian presidential elections legitimate, and violations will be punished. One of the participants of the expert meetings and regional authorities with representatives of the Kremlin administration noted that legitimacy is a key target parameter in the successful presidential elections. Another indicator, according to him, will be getting elected President percent more than were given to the winners informed. The third indicator: the absolute number cast for the winner of the election should have more votes, than candidates in previous campaigns.

The Russian presidential election should be held in March 2018. According to a source in the presidential administration, the elections will not be transferred and held in established time.