The head of the defense Ministry of Turkey stated about the differences with Russia on the Syrian Kurds

The head of the defense Ministry of Turkey stated about the differences with Russia on the Syrian Kurds ANKARA, February 22 — RIA Novosti. Moscow does not share Ankara’s position that the self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds affiliated with the outlawed Turkey Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), stated defense Minister of Turkey Fikri Işık. “I heard the statement of the Russian side that Russia could work with Turkey on the (Syrian) Rakka… But as far as I can see, the liberation of Raqqa (from the banned terrorist group “Islamic state” — ed.) are now more interested in the coalition. Russia’s interests more in Aleppo and in the West of Syria. It is wrong to use the self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds in the fight against another terrorist organization. We explain to Russia that the Syrian Kurdish democratic Union Party is the same as the RPK, but I can’t say that

Ukrainian nationalists demand to legalize a trade blockade of Donbass

Ukrainian nationalists demand to legalize a trade blockade of Donbass KIEV, February 22 — RIA Novosti. Several thousand Ukrainian nationalists began at the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine a meeting dedicated to the third anniversary of the death of people during riots in downtown Kiev in 2014; protesters again demand to legislate a trade blockade of Donbass, the correspondent of RIA Novosti. Informed nationalists marched along the Central streets of Kiev to mark the anniversary of the events of 2014. During the procession they burned smoke bombs. Now several thousand members of the nationalist party “Freedom”, “national corpus” and “Right sector” (banned in Russia) began to rally near the Parliament building. Among the many requirements of the demonstrators — the adoption of the law on occupied territories and the ban of trade with uncontrolled Kiev territories of Donbass. The leaders of the nationalists speak from the stage, installed near the Parliament

“Not all cats are lions”: Shoigu said Fallon

Photo: RIA Novosti The head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu commented on the statement by the head of the British war Minister Michael Fallon on “the bear, sticking paws in Libya”. It is reported by RIA Novosti. Earlier, Fallon said that Western countries do not want Russia’s contacts with Libya. According to the Minister, Moscow is in this way “validates the strength of the West” and trying to weaken NATO. “We don’t want bear stuck to their paws,” he said. In response, Shoigu said that it is unlikely in the British “the zoo grew the beast that may indicate bear”. “If we continue the “animal” theme. Their coat of arms – a lion, was it? There’s an old proverb: all lions are cats but not all cats are lions. Let everyone understands in his own Affairs.” – concluded the Minister of defence.

Putin on 21 February will hold a meeting with Sobyanin and Governor of the Tomsk region

Photo: RIA Novosti Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin 21 February, Tuesday, will meet with the Governor of Tomsk region Sergey Zhvachkina, and will also hold a meeting with Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin, RIA “Novosti”. “Today, working meetings, of which half will be devoted to regional Affairs. The President continues to communicate with regional leaders, in particular, he will receive today the Governor of Tomsk region [Sergei] Zhvachkin today will also hold a meeting with Moscow mayor [Sergei] Sobyanin”, — he said. Earlier it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the retired heads of regions.

Ushakov: detailed discussions between Russia and the United States on the topics of terrorism and the economy have not yet been

The Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov © Mikhail Metzel/TASS MOSCOW, February 22. /TASS/. The issues of terrorism and economy were discussed during a telephone conversation the presidents of Russia and the USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, but a more detailed discussion of these topics is not. This was stated to journalists by the assistant to the Russian leader Yury Ushakov. “Terrorism and the economy were discussed among the topics during the conversation the presidents, while more detailed discussions on this bill was not, as far as I know,” – said the representative of the Kremlin, commenting on the statement by the press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer about the US plans to establish cooperation with Russia in the spheres of economy and the fight against terror.

Citizens of the Russian Federation will visit Armenia on internal passports from February 23

Foreign Minister of Armenia Edward Nalbandian and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov © Dmitry Serebryakov/TASS MOSCOW, February 22. /TASS/. Changing the intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Armenia on visa-free travel, under which Russian citizens will be able to visit Armenia for internal passports will come into force on February 23. This was announced by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at press conference following talks with his Armenian counterpart Edward Nalbandian. “I would like to Express my satisfaction with the fact that from tomorrow (February 23) comes into force a change in the agreement on visa-free travel, according to which (change) citizens of the Russian Federation can visit Armenia on internal passports” – said the Russian foreign Minister.

Putin will attend the G20 summit

© EPA/DIMITAR DILKOFF, POOL MOSCOW, February 22. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the G20 summit, which will take place in Hamburg in July, said the assistant to the President Yuri Ushakov. “Our participation in the summit of “twenty” is envisaged at the level of the President,” he said. The G20 summit will be held on 7 – 8 July in Hamburg. The group of twenty leading international forum specializing in global economy and Finance. It includes 19 countries (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, UK, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, China, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, USA, Turkey, France, South Africa and Japan) and the European Union.

Lavrov announced the beginning of a new round of talks on Syria in Geneva

Sergei Lavrov The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said that the next round of negotiations will begin in Geneva on 23 February. About it reports “Interfax”. According to the head of the foreign Ministry, the participants of the meeting generally can be considered acceptable, but the representation could be improved. He explained that meant the Kurds. As stressed by the foreign Minister, in Moscow have consistently advocated to carry out the decisions of the UN Security Council and to ensure representation of the entire spectrum of the opposition. “Without the Kurds, of course, do not provide. We also understand that there are certain difficulties in the position of the external players,” he said. Lavrov said that the talks in Geneva will be presented to the group, formed in my time at meetings in Cairo, Moscow and Riyadh, as well as armed opposition groups who participate in meetings

Iran threatened the United States a slap in the face

Mohammad Pakpour The commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) threatened the US government a slap in the face if they continue to undermine defense capabilities of Iran. About it reports Reuters. “The enemy must not underestimate their opponents, and if he makes a mistake, you may be ready to get in the face”, — said the General of the ground forces Mohammad Pakpour. Took last month President Donald trump has promised to toughen policies against the Islamic Republic. The statement came after Iran tests ballistic missile on January 29. Wednesday, 22 February, the IRGC completed trendine exercises involving missile troops, artillery and armored units and helicopters. “Now everyone will see what we can do,”— said Pakpour. The Iranian authorities note that their missile program is defensive and has nothing to do with the nuclear deal they concluded in 2015 with the “six” of international mediators. During the presidential

A military band performed at the metro station “Komsomol” in honor of February 23

Passengers of the Moscow metro today, could not hear street musicians, and one of the oldest military bands in Russia. In transitions the station “Komsomolskaya” was performed March “Farewell of Slav” and the lyrical “darkie” and “Katyusha”.   Passers-by were singing, and the musicians have performed and classical works, and hits the national stage. Among the audience were foreign tourists, and Muscovites.   This unusual concert, the musicians of the orchestra of special commandant of the Preobrazhensky regiment greeted the passengers with the upcoming February 23.