The pyramids of Giza surprised by Lionel Messi for its size

The player of Argentina national team on football, the forward of Spanish “Barcelona” Lionel Messi, visited on Tuesday, February 21, Cairo and was surprised at the size of the pyramids in Giza. However, he wanted to come inside, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the organizer of the tour, the head of the pharmaceutical company of tamer Hosni.   Lionel Messi arrived in Cairo in the framework of the promotion of medical tourism in Egypt and the campaign against hepatitis C.   “He said he did not believe that the pyramids reach such huge sizes. He was very excited seen”, – quotes Agency the words of Hosni.   Messi had a tour of the temple complex. As told by his guide, the famous Egyptologist, and former Minister of antiquities Zahi Hawass, Messi especially interested in the cause of death of Tutankhamun. Photo: Leo Messi / Twitter

The White house revealed the list of issues on which trump wants to negotiate with Russia

The President of the United States Donald trump is looking for common ground with Russia in questions of economy and the fight against international terrorism. This was stated at a press conference in Washington, press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, writes RT.   According to Spicer, trump made it clear that in contrast to several previous administrations, he wants to negotiate with Russia. And he actively tries to do it. “I think his success as a businessman and negotiator should be viewed as a positive sign that he is able to do it,” — said the press Secretary of the White house.   He also added that if Washington and Moscow find a common denominator, they will be able to negotiate.   Spicer says if both a world leader find common ground for the destruction of the banned in Russia and many countries of the world terrorist organization