The experts took a few weeks to determining the causes of death Churkin

Vitaly Churkin Forensic experts have been unable to determine cause of death permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, this may take a few weeks. Reported by the Associated Press. New York forensic experts came to the conclusion on the need for Toxicological and other examinations. The case of the death of a diplomat, according to practice, transferred to the city Bureau is judicial-medical examination. Vitaly Churkin died in new York on Monday, February 20, the day before your 65th birthday. According to the newspaper The New York Post, in the morning, the diplomat felt ill due to “heart problems” in a serious condition he was taken to a hospital, but doctors were unable to save his life. Vitaly Churkin was Russia’s permanent representative to the UN since 2006. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin awarded him the order of Courage posthumously.

Popular gamer died at the time of day of online marathon

One of the most popular American gamers Brian vigneault died during 24-hour charity marathon. Online stream he was on his Twitch channel. According to the publication The Sun, the gamer known by the nickname PoshyBrid, died on the night of February 20 to the 23-hour broadcast.   In the stream vigneault went for a smoke and never came back. His subscribers suggested that the gamer fell asleep. One of the friends of the young man sent him next day a message when I noticed him online. The answer sent a police detective. The official cause of death has not yet been established.   Information about the death vigneault confirmed by the police of Virginia. Male 35 years old, he has three children. Recording the broadcast can be judged that he from last forces tried to sleep. Photo: Bastian Caro / Globallookpress

Military Prosecutor of Ukraine has received from his wife a gift of 1.5 million rubles

The chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios declared a gift worth almost 683 thousand hryvnia (about one and a half million rubles). What exactly presented your spouse Irina change drum – not specified, reports RIA Novosti Ukraine.   According to the publication, the data on the gift Matios stated on 21 February. in the Declaration on the website of the National Agency on preventing corruption.   The only thing that is known is that the gift was made in kind.   It is worth noting that in the Declaration for last year Matios also pointed out a gift from his wife. Then he received in non-monetary form 432 thousand hryvnia.   We add that the spouse of the chief military Prosecutor is the beneficiary of companies “Palexpo”, “Empire”, “the Taurian perspective” Grain “Tavria”, “San and San Mariupol LTD” and other. Income the change drum only dividends from “Palexpo” and

In Britain passed its version of the “Magnitsky act”

In Britain adopted the amendments by analogy with the current U.S. “Magnitsky act”. The Parliament allowed the government to freeze the assets of suspected human rights violations around the world. It is reported by The Indipendent.   As noted, this initiative was approved as a refinement to the British law against criminal finances. Its purpose is to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism.   It is worth noting that the UK is the third country to adopt the “Magnitsky act”, after the United States and Estonia.   In the amendment we are talking about introduction of sanctions against the violators of human rights, their persecution and protection for human rights defenders and individuals who told him about the violation.   Now the decision will be transferred for consideration to the house of lords, and if the upper chamber will approve it, the initiative will attain the status of

In Irkutsk evacuated the car with a sleeping two-year-old

In Irkutsk evacuated the car with a sleeping baby. About it “Interfax” was told in the regional cupola MIA. “The couple parked the car Opel Mokka for Parking for persons with disabilities at the shopping center “Komsomall” and went shopping, leaving a child restraint with my son, who in April will mark two years”, — said in the Chapter. When the parents returned 25 minutes later, the car was evacuated. It is noted that the glass of the car were tinted, so to see the child was impossible. Also on the car there was no signs indicating that the cabin can be a child. Later the parents took the boy and his car pulled away, the child was not injured. The boy’s father was fined five thousand rubles under article 12.19 of the administrative code (“Violation of rules of stop or Parking of vehicles”). Also both parents brought to administrative

School in Khabarovsk region was closed due to intestinal infection

In Khabarovsk Krai school in the village of Kazakevichevo, 35 students went to doctors with complaints to a poisoning. This was reported the site of administration of the Khabarovsk region. At the moment, officially confirmed 10 cases of rotavirus infection. School and kindergarten, located in the same building, is temporarily suspended, the room held a sanitization. They are scheduled to resume on February 27. “A possible cause of an outbreak of rotavirus infection was delivery in educational institutions of the village Kazakevichevo Khabarovsk district contaminated vegetable products”, — stated in the message. According to the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, in the inspection of the nutrition unit were recorded numerous violations of sanitary legislation. In particular, does not comply with the technological process of cooking, had violated the regime of washing equipment and Cutlery. In addition, experts have discovered products without documents confirming their quality and safety. In fact the incident

Putin invited 40 of the Russians in the new composition of the Public chamber

Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin has selected 40 candidates for the new composition of the Public chamber of Russia, reported on the Kremlin website. It is noted that these citizens have special merits before the state and society. At least half of the candidates — the leaders of the professional and creative unions, associations and employers ‘ associations, and other NGOs representing and defending the interests of workers of different areas and social groups. The Kremlin noted that the regional public chamber shall elect one representative to the Federal no later than 30 days from the date of start formation of new structure, that makes 80 people. Another 40 members of the house, were approved in decree of the head of state, and another 40 people representing various community organizations. According to the Constitution of Russia, the Public chamber should control the authorities of different levels to protect the

In South Africa the man started shopping for horses

In South Africa the man started shopping for horses MOSCOW, 21 Feb — RIA Novosti. Customers of a supermarket in Jeffreys Bay in South Africa (South Africa) was amazed when I saw a man passing by the shelves on the horse, writes The Daily Mail. “I went to the store, when I saw him calls a horse. At first I thought it was a [campaign] fundraising. But then I saw him trying to kick out the Manager, and realized that he was wrong” — leads edition the words of the witness who shot the video, Alistair Smith. The footage shows the horse moves between the shelves carefully, not knocking the products, and not touching people. According to Smith, it was especially funny to see the reaction of the shocked visitors. The horse looked scared due to the rising noise. Apparently, to move around the store she was not easy —

The number of people wishing to send relatives in the army of the Russians reached a record

The number of people wishing to send relatives in the army of the Russians reached a record In Russia the number of those who would like to see his relative in the Armed forces reached a historic high of 64%. This was reported on the website VTSIOM. According to the results of the social survey, only 25% of Russians do not want their relatives were soldiers. As told to sociologists, 46% of the respondents are staff of the Armed forces with respect, 39% — with pride, 26% have hope for them, and trust 24% VTSIOM notes that 4% of Russians belong to the military with distrust and disappointment. According to the respondents, the Russian officers have many good qualities. According to them, they are the defenders of Russia’s interests (average score on a 5-point scale — 4,3), courageous (4,3) and responsible people (4,3). Russians see officers as professionals (4,2), willing

UN Secretary-General expressed his condolences in connection with death Churkin

UN Secretary-General expressed his condolences in connection with death Churkin UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, expressed his condolences to the government and people of Russia, to the family and friends of the permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin, who died February 20, Monday. 17фотографий17фотографий17фотографий Condolences to the Secretary General of the international organization published on the UN website. According to Guterres, he returned to new York and was shocked and saddened by reports of the death of Churkin. UN Secretary-General stated that he was “an outstanding diplomat”. He noted that Churkin has held his post at “the most difficult and crucial period in recent history.” “More than ten years felt its strong presence in the Security Council,” — said Guterres. He called Churkin “experienced diplomat”, “a strong and witty speaker,” and a man who is gifted with “many talents”. Also condolences told members of the UN Security Council,