In Crimea, will pave the highway: what are the “Tavrida”

The first section of the Federal highway “Tavrida” established in the environment in the Crimea. From the point of beginning of construction to the bridge for another ten kilometers. From this point the road workers began work in two directions: toward the future of the bridge, and into the Peninsula.


The track “Tavrida” will be held away from the villages with a large number of residents, bypassing settlements and protected areas of the Crimea. The main advantage of road will be speed performance, you can accelerate going to be up to 140 kilometers per hour. This figure, which corresponds to the first-category roads.


It will be a four-lane highway with a dividing barrier. Security throughout provides outdoor lighting. The route will pass through the entire Peninsula, Kerch, Feodosia, Simferopol, Bakhchisarai. The most Western point of the road will be Sevastopol.


In parallel with the laying of the roadway and installation of signs for drivers on construction sites hang and even Webcamsto the construction of the Federal highway everyone could follow in real-time. The first footage from the cameras today began to broadcast on the Internet.


And in the Kerch Strait is preparing for the construction of the main bridge element – 35-metre navigable arches. Under it will be able to freely run any, even the most bulky of the court. Together with the commissioning of the Crimean bridge will start moving and the road is “Tavrida”. A single way from mainland Russia in the Crimea will be opened in the next year.