At the canadian Museum found a giant extinct worm

At the canadian Museum found a giant extinct worm

An international group of scientists has discovered a previously unknown species of giant carnivorous worm that lived 400 million years ago. Unexplored fossils of the animal were kept in the Royal Ontario Museum in Canada. Article researchers published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The creature called Websteroprion armstrongi, belong to the group of polychaete worms or polychaetes (which also includes earthworms and leeches). His jaws reached one centimeter in length, and the body is one meter. It was like invertebrate of the family Eunicidae. These marine worms bury themselves in the soil of the bottom, leaving on the surface of the mouth and by grabbing a passing fish.

400 million year old extinct gigantic monster worm discovered in Canadian museum

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Sam W. armstrongi inhabited the bottom of the ocean in the Devonian period of the Paleozoic era. Its fossilized remains were discovered in 1994 in the province of Ontario. According to scientists, the find is rare, as among the ancient polychaetes gigantism was not available. Prior to this, paleontologists have found an extinct polychaete worms, length of jaws which reached only a few millimeters.