Witty and able to “give an earful”: how journalists characterized the UN Vitaly Churkin

Sharp and demanding, but open to dialogue and witty – so about Vitaly Churkin remember journalists from leading Western media covering the work of the UN. For the press the Russian permanent representative at the organization was one of the main newsmakers. RIA Novosti publishes the opinions of journalists about the case.


A veteran of the press corps, the UN, Evelyn Leopold calls Churkin resourceful “virtuoso diplomacy.”


“Virtuoso of diplomacy, Ambassador Churkin, was very resourceful, able to quickly parry thrown at him caustic comments when he used the veto on Syria,” – said the journalist.


Senior correspondent at the UN in English broadcasting of TV channel “al Jazeera” James bays notes that even opponents of Russia in the hall of the security Council with the greatest respect for the intelligence and abilities Vitaly Churkin.


“Last year, he is stronger than all criticized me for asking for policy in Syria. The next day he was as friendly as always. I think he never took these things personally,” recalls bays.


Former Bureau chief, Reuters at the UN Louis Charbonneau says Churkin, how insightful witty and temperamental person.


“He could tough to answer if he didn’t like the question, or he was not agree with him. I once received from him a thrashing,” — said the journalist.


“With him there were a lot of funny moments. Recently during one of the approaches to the press, some of the journalists began your question by saying: “You have been here a long time…” Churkin immediately responded: “Thank you for reminding me about it,” recalls AFP correspondent Carol Landry.


According to the correspondent of radio “Voice of America,” Vitaly Churkin was an exceptional diplomat, “to find a replacement which will be very difficult.”


Vitaly Churkin died in new York on 20 February, the day before your 65th birthday.

Photo: Albin Lohr-Jones ZUMAPRESS.com / Globallookpress