What happened a second before the handshake Trudeau and trump

What happened a second before the handshake Trudeau and trump

In order to understand what was behind the opinion of the canadian Prime Minister in a party hat in his hands the President of the United States, you can refer to a little-known illustrations in 1644, offers columnist for BBC Culture.

It is rare when the silent hands managed to make so much noise. A photograph of U.S. President Donald trump and the canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, made last week in the oval office, immediately made the rounds on social networks.

This was not because of the statements made during the meeting, but because of the dumb dialogue, which seems to have happened between the hands of politicians.

In the picture, taken a fraction of a second before Trudeau responded to the proffered trump hand, the leaders of the two North American States depicted in a situation that looks like the arrogant refusal of one party from those offered handshake.

The photograph of the “rejected” the hand of Donald trump awkward hung in the air, while Trudeau hands resting on his knees — a sign of disdain, which seemed compounded of the interrogative expression of the Prime Minister.

The fact that literally a moment later, Trudeau gladly reaches out to Trump for social networks is not so important, because memes are ready and the photo managed to get into all corners of “Facebook” and “Twitter”.

*record scratch*
*freeze frame*
TRUDEAU: yup, that’s me, you’e pro-
TRUMP: personally I dont feel they’re that small #TrudeauMeetsTrump pic.twitter.com/jXOFm5Jbiz

— Andy Cole (@AndyCole84) 13 Feb 2017

Trump: “Put ‘er there Justin.”
Trudeau: “I’d prefer not to.”
Trump: “C’mon…”
Trudeau: “Mushrambo told me it’d be a bad idea.” #TrudeauTrump pic.twitter.com/JznGbaWdh4

— Drew Gibson (@SuppressThis) 13 Feb 2017

Fiction VS Reality #TrudeauTrump #HouseOfCards pic.twitter.com/TCzE0JFDmy

— Jeff (@wikijeff) 14 Feb 2017

The impression that so much attention to the secret language spoken with the hands not received from the mid-seventeenth century — when, in 1644, was published unusual work of English physician John Bulwer called “Palmistry, or the Natural language of the hand”.

Taking the challenge a century earlier by the philosopher Francis bacon, Bulwer has set a goal to decipher the mysterious language of the fingers and palms, and single-handedly invented the science of chirology.

Intelligible only to the illustration of books Bulwer named here kilogramos is one of the most enigmatic visual documents of the era, allowing to see a photo of trump and Trudeau in a new light.

Kilogramme Bulwer is a kind of dictionary, which illustrate typical hand gestures are accompanied by short explanatory sentences.

Next to the image of clasped hands with interwoven fingers, which is more reminiscent of the position of the hands of Justin Trudeau on the above photo, Bulwer put the phrase in Latin “Tristi animi signo”, which can be translated as “a sign of sadness of spirit.”

Looking through the prism “of Chirologia” Bulwer gesture Trudeau is a sign not of contempt, arrogance, or neglect, but rather depressed mood.

As to how to interpret the characteristic gesture of Donald trump — stretched to him a hand with his palm, looking up (like in the hand here-here something will fall), but not in the way (as it usually happens in the handshake), — in illustration Bulwer nothing is said about this.

Like many of the world’s media, his kilogrammy just didn’t have the words to interpret the behavior of the new American President.

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