Ukrainian neo-Nazism: who controls Yarosh and Nalyvaychenko

Ukrainian neo-Nazism has an artificial, or rather, of American origin. This is stated in the investigation of authors of the program “conspiracy Theory” on TV channel “Star”.


The chief of Ukraine is neo-Nazi Dmytro Yarosh, head of the extremist organization “Right sector” (banned in Russia – approx. ed.). In fact, by the radicals carried out the state coup in Ukraine. The “Right sector” was the main neo-Nazi organization in Ukraine.


It is worth noting that in 2014 in new York were openly political representation of the “Right sector”.


A specialist in the field of international relations Alexey Fenenko believes that this creates a tough anti-Russian buffer, something like a cordon Sanitaire that existed in the interwar period.


Extremist organization “Right sector” was formed from the nationalist movement “Trident”, whose curator is considered to Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, former head of the security service of Ukraine.


When Nalyvaichenko was a people’s Deputy of Ukraine, the former leader of the radical leader Dmitry Yarosh was his aide. In 2012, Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, even attended a camp “Trident” that were captured on video. The company he was Dmitry Yarosh. After the coup, Yarosh right sector offered the post of Deputy Secretary of Council of national security and defense.


“All nationalist groups, as well as any radicals, I will tell you one way or another connected with the special services at some point. They are at the origin. They give them opportunities for movement, they take them under control, just at some point, some radicals get voted off the island, while others still remain systemic radicals. But this does not mean that they are not controlled,” – said Fenenko.


The Nalyvaychenko few years ago was accused of working for the CIA. According to the prosecution, he began working for American intelligence during his service in the Consulate of Ukraine in Chicago, for which Ukraine was opened against him a criminal case for treason. But after the overthrow of Yanukovych the case was closed.


Ukrainian Newspapers reported that Nalyvaychenko owes his political career Katherine-Claire Chumachenko, wife of Viktor Yushchenko, which had direct links to the political elite of the USA. According to media reports, behind Katherine-Claire Chumachenko, Nalyvaychenko and, accordingly, Dmitry Yarosh stood John Tedstrom, a former member of the national security Council of the United States.


The political scientist Alexei Kochetkov said that neo-Nazis became a convenient Agency through which they try to influence interstate relations.


And us intelligence agencies during the Soviet era and nowadays is ready to use against Russia any weapon and attack with any radical groups. The Mujahideen of Afghanistan, banned in the Russian Federation terrorist group al-Qaeda, neo-Nazis – all of that creates a problem for Russia, in skilled hands, used as a battering RAM or a ticking time bomb.

Photo: / Globallookpress