Two-faced trump: what actually wants from Russia, the President of the United States

Analysts and political scientists often call the President of the United States Donald trump’s most eccentric and unpredictable President, of all that was in US history. The head of the United States often contradicts himself. In addition, his actions often run counter to accepted norms.


After taking office, the position of the trump against Russia began to change.


“Crimea was taken by Russia during the tenure of Obama. Was Obama too soft on Russia?” – ask a question the White house on his Twitter page on February 15.


Thus a press-the Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer made the statement that in Washington expect that Russia will participate in the de-escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, and then “return the Crimea”.


But just six months ago, during the presidential race, Donald trump was one of the few Western politicians who spoke respectfully about the will of the Crimean people to join Russia.


“From what I heard, the people of Crimea prefer to be with Russia, but not where they were. And it deserves attention. As for Ukraine, there is now a mess and it happened under the Obama administration”, – said the billionaire.


Before and after the inauguration, Donald trump repeatedly called for a warming of relations with Russia. And his words cause confusion on the part of scientists. Experts wonder, this is another unpredictable decision, or in the words of the American President was a delicate business: against terrorists Russia and America are fighting together, and all the other problems are solved separately.


“Maybe the time has come to control America as run by corporations. I’ve spent my life dealing with politicians. Life. And I always tried to do what I need. They often say that a good deal is when both sides win. Nonsense. A good deal is when you win. You crush the opponent and get something good for yourself,” said trump.


Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul doubt that trump statements about rapprochement with Russia will be implemented. According to the diplomat, now the President, he forms the administration, it is necessary to listen to people.


Moreover, a possible course for a warming of relations with Moscow have a very negative attitude as the U.S. Congress and U.S. intelligence agencies. And some Western media started a real hunt for dirt on trump and the President. Almost daily in the U.S. press there are new facts “from anonymous sources” about the alleged ties of the White house with Russia. And journalists do not mind that published data do not have any actual evidence.


Who is Donald trump? Unpredictable and unstable leader or a cruel businessman who would do anything for their own benefit? What will be the position of the President of the United States against Russia. The answers in the program “conspiracy Theory”. Watch Tuesday, 21 February at 19:35 on TV channel “Star”.

Photo: Ron Sachs / dpa / Globallookpress