The United States froze military aid to the Syrian opposition

The American authorities have ceased to provide aid money and weapons to the armed Syrian opposition. About it reports Reuters.

Representatives of the rebels explained that the official reason was not made public, but in January the opposition forces suffered a large-scale attack by Islamists, who took control of a part delivered from the United States weapons and money. According to the commanders of the opposition forces in Washington fear that the jihadists will be able to take over with modern American weapons.

Two sources in the ruling circles of the USA to the conversation with the Agency said that the suspension of aid is not associated with the coming to power of President Donald trump.

Reuters notes that moderate rebels remain strong in military terms, a party to the conflict, however, supported by the Arab monarchies of the Islamists are still more powerful. This is because the assistance that the CIA has armed opposition are very limited. In particular, Washington despite the request refuses to put in the conflict zone MANPADS.