The Russian military gave nearly two tons of food to Syrians


© RIA Novosti. Maksim Blinov

Soldiers of the Russian Center for reconciliation delivered more than 1.7 tons of food and medicine to the Syrian city Skelbia in the province of Hama, who recently came under fire from militants, said the representative of the Centre Colonel Alexei Zudilov.

The residents of the village, where more than 20 thousand people, mostly Christians, have received food packages with rice, flour, sugar and canned meat. According to tradition, was also deployed mobile medical facility, where the Russian military physicians held a consultation for local residents and gave them medicine.

Local resident Mansur Abdumalik said that he studied in Vitebsk in 2000, and now works as a pharmacist. “Because of the war few people left, but we’re hanging in there. And thanks to the Russian friends we’ll be fine. We will soon have peace, we can all hope,” he told reporters.

Just a few days ago, according to local authorities, the terrorists struck at Kelbie from jet system of volley fire. The settlement from attacks of fighters to protect more than 700 armed locals. “The Syrian army and our troops reflect the terrorist attacks in the area Skelbiu. Here a lot of them, but we are defending bravely with our guys and we will win”, — said the head of the troops guard city Naibl Abdullah.

The head of administration Skelbiu doctor-engineer Moim’albatre noted the role of Russia in resolving the crisis in Syria. “Russia helped us a lot since the beginning of the conflict was and continues to be a military and humanitarian assistance that Russia has given the Syrian people a lot of food and medicine. With the help of the Russian Federation and our other friends in Syria will soon be peace,” he said.