The Kremlin claimed about the need for a high turnout in the presidential election

The Kremlin claimed about the need for a high turnout in the presidential election

The Kremlin is working on legitimate ways of increasing voter turnout in the presidential election, reported from the three news agencies — TASS, “Interfax” and “RIA Novosti” a source in the presidential administration.

“The criterion of success is greater than in previous campaigns, the number of votes for the candidate — both in percentage and absolute terms,” — said the informant, adding that “the absolute number of votes cast must be greater than candidates in previous campaigns.”

The source also said that the Kremlin continue to think about, “how to encourage citizens to come to polling stations”.

As one of the ways to increase turnout source agencies called the rejection of absentee ballots. “The obstacle is the lack of a single database, he said.— If it is able to form, try to go this route, so that voters, not bothering to travel for absentee ballots, had the opportunity to vote at their place of residence.”

To attract young people it is possible to develop a computer game “with geolocation in the field of voting” or the creation of a “trend selfie at a polling station”.

Source agencies also indicated that the Kremlin does not see the need for the use of candidates”spoilers”. “Specifically to create intrigue … it’s impractical,” he said, adding that “faux candidates, by contrast, would be a manifestation of contempt for the voters.”

The informant also stressed that the Kremlin does not address the issue of the postponement of the vote, because such a step “would indicate the weakness of the government”.

According to the informant agencies, internal policy Department of the presidential administration held a meeting with Vice-governors in the course of which from regional leaders demanded transparency in the upcoming electoral campaign.

“Violations of the law during the campaign will reset all previous achievements of the Governor”, — said the source.