The interior Ministry has proposed to deprive of liberty for poaching

The interior Ministry has proposed to deprive of liberty for poaching

For sale via the Internet red book animals organized group members will face up to nine years in prison.

Moscow. 21 Feb. INTERFAX.RU — the Ministry of internal Affairs suggests to enter punishment in the form of imprisonment for the poaching and trafficking of natural resources in connection with the ineffectiveness of existing sanctions.

The relevant amendments to criminal and Criminal-procedural codes (criminal code and criminal procedure code) of the Russian Federation developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs, placed on the portal of projects of normative legal acts.

The bill, in particular, imposes a penalty of imprisonment for a term of two to five years (depending on acts) to article 253 of the criminal code (violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation), providing responsibility for illegal creation of artificial Islands and structures on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, as well as research, prospecting, development or extraction of natural resources on the Russian continental shelf and exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation, conducted without permission.

The current version of the article only provides for fines and punishment, not connected with isolation from society.

In addition, article 256 of the criminal code (illegal harvesting of aquatic biological resources) is supplemented with a penalty of imprisonment for one year for unlawful research, prospecting and exploration in order to illegal fishing animals.

Also, the police propose to amend article 258 of the criminal code (illegal hunting), softened in the first part of a two-year period of isolation detention for six months, but the more stringent sanctions the second part (with use of official position or by a group of persons), replacing a two-year imprisonment from three to five years.

In addition, article 258.1 of the criminal code (illegal trafficking of especially valuable wild animals) in the Ministry of internal Affairs consider it necessary to settle the liability in the form of 4 years of imprisonment for the purchase or sale of animals listed in the Red book of the Russian Federation, using media or the Internet.

The police propose to send those who do with use of official position in the colony for a period of three to six years, and if the offence is committed by an organized group, for a period of six to nine years.

According to the authors of the bill, the analysis of law enforcement practice shows that “existing criminal law does not provide adequate opposition to criminal misconduct in this area”.

The interior Ministry, the statistics of the judicial Department at the Supreme court of the Russian Federation according to which for the listed crimes in the last year and a half of several thousand convicted citizens and the courts sentenced to imprisonment only 38 people.

According to the court, only in 10 months of 2016, the offender seized over 350 tons of illegally caught aquatic biological resources, including more than 31 tons of sturgeon fish species, about 60 tons of salmon and whitefish species of fish, more than 1.8 tonnes of objects of the continental shelf, nearly 255 tons of other fish species, 6,4 tons of valuable caviar and valuable species of fish.