The elimination of a major fire in Mytishchi took more than a day

A major fire in Mytishchi near Moscow extinguished, reported on the website of the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow region. About the complete elimination of a fire was announced on Monday, February 20, at 22:05 GMT.

The message about the fire came in on Sunday, at 15:37 GMT. On Ostashkovskoe highway lit one-storey steel warehouse with a warehouse of building materials.

In the area of the market experienced very strong smoke, it was thick black smoke, which was visible in the adjacent districts of the Moscow region and Moscow. At the same time, the concentration of harmful substances in the air was in the normal range.

The fire was localized at 17:35 GMT in the area of 4 thousand square meters, open burning is eliminated in 00:25 GMT on Monday night.

As the main versions of the fire is considered a short circuit and the violation of fire safety.

Victims of the fire there. Only to his fighting attracted 96 people and 27 units of equipment.