Teenagers fell through the ice while trying to make a spectacular selfie

The night before, a group of American teenagers fell through the ice on a pond in Central Park in new York. The guys wanted to take a group selfie with a spectacular background, but the thin ice broke under their weight and broke. All teenagers were hospitalized with the diagnosis “overcooling”.


As noted by witnesses, Teens aged from ten to 15 years just dabbled and played on the ice. They obviously did not expect that the ice can not withstand their weight. However, as the temperature in new York IRCA yesterday was 11 degrees Celsius, these games were dangerous, reports the website of”Komsomolskaya Pravda”.


“I think after what happened we should again remind people that to play on the ice is not the best idea. With the guys all right. They have hypothermia in the mild form,” said Deputy chief of fire service of the metropolis John Skoff.

Photo: FDNY/ Twitter