Scientists have discovered than men’s friendships different from women’s

Scientists have discovered than men’s friendships different from women’s

MOSCOW, 20 Feb — RIA Novosti. The sexes maintain friendly relations in different ways — this is the conclusion reached by researchers from Oxford University, writes the Guardian.

The researchers asked thirty students to compile lists of their friends and to indicate how close was their friendship. Four months after the research study participants graduated from high school, and many of them have left for different cities. Later, after 9 and 18 months after the first survey, young people were asked to re-enter the same information as the first time.

It turned out that in order to maintain a friendly long-distance relationships, women need only to periodically communicate on the phone.

But men literally prefer words: to stay friends, they need to do something together — like go to football or to the pub, the article says.

According to the head of research of Robin Dunbar, the results show that for a friendship seriously affected by gender differences. “Perhaps that is why women have a connection between friends is much closer and they are so painfully react to their break”, — quotes the scientist Guardian. Unlike women, men see friendship easier. “They have their own company, which most often four. If a man keeps away from friends that, as they say, “out of sight, out of mind”. He’ll just find yourself some new friends,” says Dunbar.