Rosobrnadzor forbade to accept students in two universities

Rosobrnadzor banned admission of students to the two universities, reported on Monday, February 20, on the Agency’s website.

“For failure to fulfill the requirements and deadlines of the Rosobrnadzor banned admission to the Institute for the Humanities (Moscow) and the Nevsky Institute of language and culture (Saint Petersburg)”, — stated in the message.

The results of the tests are also part of lost state accreditation Gubkinsky branch of the Belgorod state technological University named after Shukhov and Naberezhnye Chelny state pedagogical University.

The ban on the admission of students does not impose on the University other restrictions. Upon suspension of the state accreditation an educational institution can continue to engage in educational activities, however, loses the right to issue diplomas of the established sample of the Ministry of education and provide respite from the army.

30 Dec 2016 Rosobrnadzor deprived of the right to receive students of five universities: the Tyumen branch of the Siberian University of consumer cooperation, Institute of management (Arkhangelsk), the Pedagogical Institute of the Kaliningrad region, Saint Petersburg medical-social Institute and the Oriental Institute (St. Petersburg).