Iran has banned private drones flying over Tehran

The Iranian authorities announced the use of private unmanned aerial vehicles in the territory of Tehran outside the law. From this point a license for the use of drones will only be issued to public authorities and not to individuals. About it reports The Independent.

At least two drone was shot down after crossing the forbidden zone. “Quadcopters equipped with cameras and can fly over the city, filming everything on video and at any moment can be undermined by the enemy,” said Ali Reza Rabi, Deputy commander of the Islamic revolution guards Corps (IRGC).

In December last year, the government shot down a drone belonging to Iranian state television, after he entered a no-fly zone near the office of Supreme leader Ali Khamenei.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used by the us military in the middle East. 4 Dec 2012 the revolutionary guard announced the interception of an unmanned device of the Boeing ScanEagle, which, according to Iranian authorities, belonged to the USA and was used for reconnaissance purposes. Later Tehran announced the start of mass development of its drone based on a captured U.S. drone.