In Barcelona detained with shooting a stolen truck with gas

In Barcelona detained with shooting a stolen truck with gas

Spanish police had to use weapons to stop a truck with gas cylinders carried on the wrong side of the road in Barcelona.

According to police, the truck was stolen. The driver ignored police demands to stop and tried to break away from the chase. However, he went into the oncoming lane of the road in the centre of town and hit a few other machines.

In the end, the police motorcyclists fired several shots toward the car. Police did not specify whether these were warning shots, noting only that the driver of a stolen car saw aimed his gun at him and stopped.

It is reported that the alleged hijacker wounded in the incident were not received. He was a native of Sweden, previously observed by a psychiatrist. He was sent for a medical examination, and then plans to interview.

A stolen truck carrying several dozen butane tanks. Despite the fact that the stolen truck was previously used in Berlin and nice for attacks on civilians, the Spanish police until I was sure the driver could plan the attack.

In Berlin in December last year after hitting truck at the crowd of visitors to the Christmas fair, 12 people were killed, nearly 50 injured. In nice, in the summer of 2016 killing more than 80 people.

Responsibility for both the attack took on the extremist organization “Islamic state”, is banned in many countries, including Russia. After that, in many cities, including in Moscow, places of mass events decided to block heavy machinery.