The mayor of Riga faces a fine for Russian language

The mayor of Riga faces a fine for Russian language

The language centre intends to fine the mayor of Riga Nile Ushakov for communicating with students in Russian, according to the Latvian portal “Vesti”. Previously the language Centre have tried to fine Ushakov, in particular, for the fact that the Riga city Council uses the Russian language to communicate in social networks.

“You won’t believe and will probably even laugh. But the State language Centre has found another reason to try to give me a ticket. You know what? Tell — for what a Day of shadows I’m your shadow, who asked questions in the Russian language, in Russian and answer. Well, have to contend. Despite numerous attempts, the Language Centre and I have never be fined”, — said the mayor of Riga nil Ushakov.

Shadow day is an event when students can within one working day to feel like the representatives of interesting professions. “Shadows” can attend meetings, ask questions and do what makes their chosen character.

In Latvia one state language — Latvian. Russian which is native for 40% of the population, has the status of foreign. The language centre identifies cases of non-use of the Latvian language and imposes a penalty.