The Kremlin has called a legal decree recognizing the documents of residents of Donbass

A decree on the recognition in Russia of documents of the residents of Donbass meets international standards and does not contradict the Minsk agreements. This was stated by the official Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Monday, February 20, the correspondent “”.

“This decree in no way goes against international law and in violation of international law”, — said Peskov.

He stressed that the “situation has arisen” because of the blockade by Kiev of the Ukrainian regions. As a result, according to the official representative of the Kremlin, hundreds of thousands of people were deprived of the possibility to issue official documents, including passports and driver’s license.

“In this situation solely due to humanitarian considerations, the Russian President signed a decree”, — said Peskov. He also added that Moscow sees in the recognition of documents is no reason to exacerbate the situation.