Seized his family as hostages Muscovite threatens to jump out the window

Leonid Gadflies, who earlier took his family hostage in the Moscow district Novo-Peredelkino, and then arranged an online broadcast on the personal page in a social network, threatening to jump out the window. A hostage situation continues to evolve.


On a scene there arrived mother and sister Ovodova. It is reported that from happening, his mother became ill, she had called the ambulance.


Earlier it became known that the Muscovite took hostage his wife and children, demanding that he was given the opportunity to communicate with the embassies of Iran and China. The attacker put one asylum.


According to Ovodova, he has evidence confirming the authenticity of the protocols of Zion, and for the knowledge “wish to kill it”. This he says on his page “Vkontakte”.

Photo: Vitaly Belousov / RIA Novosti