“Moonlight” and “Arrival” award of the writers Guild USA

“Moonlight” and “Arrival” award of the writers Guild USA

The authors of the screenplay for “Moonlight” and “Arrival” received the prize of the writers Guild of the USA. About it reports Reuters.

Barry Jenkins and Terrell Mack-Kranj won the award for “original script” for his work on “Moonlight” — a drama about a black resident of Miami, trying to find their way in life.

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Previously on “Moonlight” was awarded the screen actors Guild. The award was received was Maharshal Ali in the nomination “the Best performer of the second plan”.

Eric Heisserer received the award in the category “adapted screenplay” — for his work on the sci-Fi film “the Arrival” from a story by Ted Chan.

Both films were also nominated for an Academy award “Oscar” in the nomination “the Best film”.

In the television categories, the work “Americans” won the prize for best screenplay for the series for the series, and Atlanta — for the screenplay for best Comedy series and best new series.