From Smolensk the building was removed by perturbing the inhabitants of the sign “roundabout”

In Smolensk from the neoclassic building was dismantled which caused dissatisfaction of local residents and users of the Runet, the signboard of the store “Pyaterochka”. This was reported on the website of the city administration on Monday, February 20.

“Demolition work is performed in view of execution of instructions about elimination of infringements of installation and (or) operation and dismantling of additional equipment of the facade of buildings and structures”, — stated in the message.

It is clarified that the signs on the house №9 along the street Uritsky was set arbitrarily. The dismantling was carried out by the city administration.

14 Feb users social network “Vkontakte” drew attention to the photo of the new store network, opened in the former Home of deaf culture. According to bloggers, the inscriptions disfigured the building.

Knowing where else could be placed a sign, they created a series of photoshopped pics depicting the “opening” convenience stores “Pyaterochka” in the Lenin mausoleum, the White house, the Louvre, the pyramid, and on the space station “death Star” from the Saga “Star wars.”