Exit polls reported on the leadership of Lenin Moreno at the election of the President of Ecuador

Lenin Moreno

In the first round of elections of the President of Ecuador the lead candidate of the ruling left bloc “Alliance Country” former Vice President Lenin Moreno, reports TASS with reference to the results of several exit polls.

According to the survey of the company Market, Moreno gets 36.2 per cent of the votes. In second place is the representative of the center-right Movement CREO, a former banker Guillermo Lasso, with 26.1 percent of votes, the third — the right Cynthia Viteri of the Social Christian party, the result is 23.1 per cent. According to the exit poll company Opinion Publica, Moreno received 42.5 percent of the vote, Lasso — 27.7 percent, Viteri — 14.7 percent. Center for the study of public opinion Cedatos reported that Moreno gaining 39.4% of the votes and Lasso — 30.5 per cent.

Thus, it is unclear, will there be a second round. According to the law, to win in the first round a candidate must gain more than 50 percent of votes or more than 40 percent of the votes, provided that his separation from the nearest rival will be at least 10 percentage points. If the leading candidate fails to win in the first round, April 2 will host the second round. It will take part the two candidates with the highest number of votes. The President-elect will take office on may 24. The mandate of the head of state for four years.

Moreno in 1998, moves on a wheelchair because of wounds received during the attempted robbery. Before the election he held the post of special envoy of the UN Secretary-General on disability and accessibility. Moreno supports the continuation of the socially oriented policy of the current President Rafael Correa, the Ecuadorian promotion of goods on foreign markets and increasing access to quality education.