Drone with a flamethrower instructed to remove debris from power lines

Drone with a flamethrower instructed to remove debris from power lines

In the Chinese city of Xiangyang, Hubei province, have been tested a drone with a flamethrower, which is designed to remove debris from overhead power lines. This reports the Metro.

Light trash from time to time hangs on the power lines. Typically, debris removal employees involved energy companies, which remove it manually from the cradle telescopic aerial platforms. This method is simple, however, notable shortcomings — in every place of a congestion of garbage you need to remove the stops and raise the cradle, which takes 5-10 minutes.

One of the Chinese energy companies have tested in Xiangyang new way to clear power lines of debris using a drone with a flamethrower. Judging by the published video and photo materials for the destruction of garbage has been adapted modified oktokopter DJI S1000+, which can lift in air up to 11 pounds of cargo.

No details of the tests are unknown — for example, not clear whether the test line energized. It is also unclear how you plan to protect the drone from electromagnetic radiation when working on high voltage power lines — given that removal of garbage, use the flamethrower, it can be concluded that the drone is to be used only on high-voltage lines, where the use of cables without insulation.

Previously his version of the drone with the flamethrower was designed by American Austin Chauvat, also at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have experienced in practice the drone with the system of controlled burning. Industrial drones are used for other tasks. Drones help firefighters monitor the state of cellular network of wind turbines, bridges, ballast tanks and steam boilers, assist in the management of construction technology and the search for the climbers in cracks of the glacier.

Nikolai Vorontsov