Call everyone, let them go to the Maidan: in Kiev, are preparing new protests

The third anniversary of the events on the Maidan turned into new protests and dozens injured. People came out to honor the memory of victims of tragic events, but in the end it all turned into a rally against the purchase of coal in the Donbass. The police tried to calm the crowd.


Traumatic brain injury one of the guards – men. The woman police officer a broken hand or finger. On the Maidan brought together hundreds of people who call themselves patriots of Ukraine.


“Call everyone, let all who can, go to the square!” sounds the call of activists from the podium.


The performance was led by several deputies of the Verkhovna Rada. The building of the presidential administration of Ukraine, they climbed up calling the crowd “Gang away!”. In the center of the National Bank of Ukraine protesters tried to break through a organized convoy of security forces.


During the clashes while trying to rip off a police helmet one of the deputies broke his lip. Ukrainian radicals again used a convenient pretext for provocations. On the third anniversary of the shooting on the Maidan five hundred people gathered in front of Ukrenergo. They burned smoke bombs, threw firecrackers – did everything to “shake” the police power response.


In fact the riots, the national police of Ukraine opened a criminal case. But managed to break through to the Maidan plan to establish the headquarters of the supporters of the trade embargo and urged Ukrainians to join him tonight on the so-called Veche.

Photo: He Jinghua ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress